Do you Know These Hamster Facts?

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One of the most popular little pets to have is a hamster! Part of the rodent family, hamsters make a wonderful addition to any family and come in a variety of different breeds, such as Russian Dwarf Hamsters and Teddy Bear Hamsters to name a few. If you’re interested in purchasing a hamster as a pet, then here are some great facts to know:

Don’t Overeat

Unlike some pets, hamsters stick to a strict diet and won’t overeat. Sometimes pets tend to eat more than what they should out of pure boredom. When it comes to feeding your pet hamster, it’s important to give them the appropriate amount of food — which is approximately the serving size of one tablespoon. When you begin to feed your little buddy the correct amount, you’ll notice that they’ll be beaming with glee!

No Plus One

Believe it or not, most hamsters don’t like to have roommates. In fact, hamsters like to live alone in a spacious cage and have space all to themselves. If you put hamsters in the same environment that weren’t raised together, then it could cause some friction between the two. The best solution is to keep your hamster as a party of one, which will ensure a happy and healthy life for your little buddy!

Fitness Fanatics

Do you like to exercise on a daily basis? If that’s the case, then you and your hamster can be fitness pals — well, not really, but your little buddy does love to exercise! Unlike some other animals, hamsters need to get as much physical activity as possible each day. Whether you have a hamster wheel or ball, your little buddy will need some exercise equipment in their little “condo.” This will not only keep your hamster fit, but it will also keep them entertained and occupied!

Always Growing

Unlike humans, a hamster’s teeth will continue to grow over time. Although your hamster won’t have human-like teeth, they will feel the need to keep their pearly whites short and in shape. With that being said, it’s important to provide your little buddy with some objects they can chew on throughout the day such as chew toys — which will help keep their teeth under control. Your hamster will be quite happy when they have some tools to help manage their teeth!

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