Here's why a Goldfish Makes a Great Pet

Goldfish - For Birds Only - January 17, 2018.jpg

When you think of a pet fish, what species comes to mind first? For most, it’s a goldfish: one of the most popular small pets that are found in homes across the world! Besides being an absolute joy to have as an aquatic roommate, a goldfish make incredible pet and here’s why:

Exercise on Their Own

Like most fish, goldfish can’t leave their aquatic home — which means you won’t have to take your goldfish for a walk! Unlike dogs, goldfish swim around their tank on a daily basis and create their own exercise. There’s no need to search up goldfish leashes (they don’t exist) because your little gold friend will never need to walk (or swim) around the block twice a day! This is perfect for those who want a pet, but don’t have the time to take a dog for a walk!

No Grooming

Another essential feature about goldfish is that they don’t need grooming! If you’re allergic to some breeds of cats or dogs, you’ll know that any fur shed can be a potential issue. When you have a goldfish (or any fish for that matter), then grooming won’t even be a thought — since fish don’t have fur! This is also the perfect option for those who want to have a pet, but can’t afford to have their animal groomed a few times a month; goldfish will never be a big expense!

Require Little Maintenance

Some small pets, such as a hamster, require a lot of maintenance. From cleaning the hamster’s cage to changing their water, the task is very hands-on (but worth it, if it fits your lifestyle). When you have a goldfish, there is some essential maintenance — but overall, goldfish are low-maintenance pets. From time to time, you will have to change the water in their tank and feed them on a daily basis — but other than that, goldfish are pretty self-sustaining. Goldfish make the perfect pet for someone who’s always on the go, but still want a little bubbly buddy in their lives!

Last a Long Time

For the most part, goldfish hold the reputation for lasting a long period of time. Unlike some smaller pets, the lifespan of a goldfish is quite unexpected in the best way possible. Just like anything, there is a possibility that your goldfish could have a short lifespan — but the norm for this bubbly buddy is quite long. This makes a goldfish a perfect match for parents who want to give their child a first pet that will last for quite some time.

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