How to Care for Baby Guppy Fry

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Baby guppies, known as fry, often take aquarists by surprise, but if you have male and female guppies in your tank, you can almost guarantee that you will eventually have a few fry. Guppies are known for their ability to multiply! So what are you to do when you find a few guppy fry swimming around in your tank? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you care for these tiny baby fish.

How to Care for Baby Fry:

  1. Separate Your Fry. First and foremost you’ll want to separate your fry from the rest of the fish in your tank. Yes, this includes their parents. Guppy fry will be eaten if left alone in the tank. You can purchase a separate tank or section them off by hanging a small, separated breeding tank on the wall of your tank.

  2. Add Plenty of Plants. Your fry want somewhere to hide so that they feel safe inside of a big tank. Add plenty of plastic plants (or live plants, if you know how to care for them).

  3. Feed Them Small Amounts. Your baby fish will be satisfied with the same diet as your adult fish. However, you can break up the flaked food so that it is easier for them to eat.

  4. Don’t Forget to Clean the Tank. You need to make sure that you keep your tank clean. Change about 25% of the water every two weeks to keep the fish tank healthy.

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