How Do I Change the pH of My Fish Tank

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Certain fish need to live in specific conditions depending on their species. This means you will constantly need to adjust and mess with the water inside of the fish tank. One of the things you will have to keep an eye on are the pH levels — and here’s how you can go about that...

How to Handle Fish When Adjusting the pH Levels

Before you begin messing with the pH levels of your fish tank, take each and every fish out of the tank. Once you choose your desired method of either raising or lowering the pH levels, do so incrementally. Making too large of changes in the pH levels can cause your fish to become sick — or even die (we know, so sad). You want to make small changes and allow them to become accustomed to the new water.

How to Raise the pH Levels

  • Add one teaspoon of baking soda for every 5 gallons of water (incrementally)
  • Add crushed coral to the fish tank; you can choose between coral substrates and ornaments
  • Use hard water when adding new, fresher water to the tank

How to Lower the pH Levels

  • Place peat moss in a mesh bag and place it in the filter of the fish tank

  • Increase the amount of aeration

  • Place driftwood in the tank, as it will naturally alter the composition of the water and pH levels

  • Use a water purifier to help soften water when adding new, fresher water to the tank

  • Water with increased levels of nitrate and CO2 will bring down pH levels

If you have any questions about how to care for your fish tank, or you are looking to stock up on new pet supplies, come visit our Mineola store! We carry everything that you need to keep your fish happy and healthy.

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