What Type of Parrot is Right for Me?

Thinking of adding a new parrot to your family? With all of the different species of birds out there, and the many personalities that come along with them, it can be hard to know which one is the right fit for your family. However, here are a few factors that will help you narrow down which parrot will be right for your family.

You like to keep things fairly neat.

Birds are wonderful pets, but between feathers, seeds, and waste, they can be a bit messy. If you’re not a fan of cleaning up after a messy pet, smaller bird species like budgies (parakeets), canaries, finches and lovebirds may be a better parrot choice for you.

You don’t like loud birds.

Birds can make beautiful noises, but some parrots are also very loud. If you are looking to avoid a loud, screaming bird, avoid conures and cockatoos.

You don’t have a lot of space.

If you live in a small home or apartment, choose a bird that best fits your spacing needs. Just make sure that your pet has a large enough cage to fit in your space.

You’re concerned about young children.

Birds can be a great pet for young children as long as you give them plenty of space and always provide adult supervision. You will need a room where you can close off your bird when you’re not around.

You’re afraid of getting bitten.

Find out how large your new pet is going to be when he or she is full grown. Medium- and large-sized birds may have little beak strength as babies, but they grow and mature to be more powerful with age.

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