Pet Spotlight - Red Lored Amazon

Red Lored Amazons are known for the bright patches of red that appear on their forehead and wings. These patches stand out against their beautiful green feathers. But their coloring isn’t the only thing that makes them stand out. Red Lored Amazons make for wonderful pets. Learn a little bit more about these charismatic, intelligent parrots below.

Red Lored Amazon FAQs:

What type of personality do Red Lored Amazons have?

Red Lored Amazons bond quickly with their owners. In fact, many have a tendency to pick their favorite person! Pet owners should keep in mind that although these pets are very friendly and vocal, this also means that they have a tendency to scream. Loud vocalizations are very common in Amazons.

What should I feed my Red Lored Amazon?

Red Lored Amazons need a varied diet. They love to eat high quality pellets, supplemented with seed, leafy greens, fruits, and root vegetables.

What kind of housing does my Red Lored Amazon need?

Give your parrot plenty of room to exercise — Red Lored Amazons are active pets. They love to climb and chew, so provide your pet with plenty of toys, including ladders, ropes and swings, in their cage. While your pet can tolerate a varied temperature, you’ll want to keep his or her cage away from any drafts. Provide plenty of perches and make sure the cage isn’t too confining.

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