What Types of Fish Are Compatible Together?

A freshwater aquarium is a beautiful addition to any home. There are so many different types of fish, each with their own range of stunning colors. But there is more to choosing your next tropical fish than picking out the prettiest one — you need to also determine whether or not your new fish will get along with the other fish in your tank. Certain fish are aggressive and prone to fin nipping, while others just prefer a different water temperature or pH. So how do you know which fish are compatible together?

Do Your Research.

You should thoroughly research the type of fish that you are planning on adding to your tank before you bring him home. This will ensure that he will get along with your other fish and that you can provide him with an aquarium environment that is ideal for his health.

These are a few popular fish combinations that get along well together.

Fish Compatibility Option 1:

  • Platies

  • Cory Cats

  • Danios

  • Guppies

  • Mollies

  • Plecos

  • Swordtails

  • Tetras.

These fish are all peaceful community fish. They are adapted to living in a group and generally don’t exhibit much aggression and enjoy a similar fish tank pH. Just be sure to keep your male to female ratio in mind.

Fish Compatibility Option 2:

  • Neon Tetras

  • Angelfish

  • Red Cherry Shrimp

  • Swordtail

  • Loaches

  • Platies

  • Mollies

This is another group of peaceful community fish. However, unlike the first group, these fish enjoy a pH between 6.5 and 7.

Fish Compatibility Option 3:

  • Danios

  • African Cichlids

  • Large Tetras

  • Plecostomus

African Cichlids are a more aggressive fish species. As a result, it’s important that you are careful with what type of fish you add to this tank. You want to make sure that you add fish that are fast, and able to hold their own. Choose fish that prefer the bottom or sides of the tank, out of your African Cichlid’s way.

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