How Do Parakeets Sleep?

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Are you a new parakeet parent? Many pet owners have a lot of questions about the different behaviors and habits their bird exhibits. And one of the common questions asked is: How do parakeets sleep at night?

We always want to make sure our pets are feeling well, including making sure that they are getting enough sleep. Rest assured that there isn’t one set way that your parakeet will sleep at night — there is no “right” or “wrong” way. However, there are signs and habits that you can look out for:

  1. Your parakeet is resting on one leg. Parakeets often sleep with one leg up. Thi is to help minimize heat loss from their featherless legs. Don’t worry, though, their four toes are arranged so that they have a very good grasp on their perch, swing or cage bars.
  2. His/her eyes are closed! If your parakeets eyes are closed, chances are he or she is resting. However, closed eyes isn’t the only sign that your pet is sleeping. Sometimes parakeets will close their eyes when they are feeling cozy!

  3. They are tucking their head into their feathers. Unlike other pets, birds have to hold their heads up all day long. At night, sometimes they will tuck their head under their wing to relax. This helps make it easier for them to sleep because it is darker, comfier, and they can rest their head.

Overall, parakeets will get as many as ten hours of sleep throughout the day, including afternoon naps. If your parakeet is having difficulty sleeping, here are a few ways that you can help make them more comfortable.

How to Help  Your Parakeet Sleep At Night:

  • Cover the cage. This will help keep the cage environment dark and block out some noise. Your pet will feel more comfortable and safe with the cage covered.

  • Check the temperature. You want to make sure that the room with their cage is not too hot or too cold. Changes in temperature, or extreme temperatures, will make your pet feel uncomfortable and even leave them prone to illness.

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