Why Is My Fish Nipping Fins?

Fin nipping and tropical fish aggression is a common problem for aquarists. Although we want our fish to get along, there are many reasons why your fish might become aggressive. Here are a few of the most common reasons why your fish are nipping at each other’s fins.

Why Fish Nip Fins:

Reason #1: They’re territorial

Certain species of fish are naturally more territorial and aggressive than others. Cichlids, blue gouramis and tiger barbs are all naturally aggressive aquarium bullies.  Make sure your are keeping these fish with the right tank companions.

Reason #2: Poor water quality

When was the last time you changed your tank water and checked your water quality? When fish are stressed due to the pH, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels in the tank, they are more likely to become aggressive.

Reason #3: They’re a schooling fish.

Is your tropical fish a schooling species? When these fish are left alone in a tank, they can sometimes become aggressive. Add a few more fish of the same species to your tank — this will help reduce nipping.

Reason #4: The male to female ratio is out of proportion.

Male fish may chase after female fish Make sure that you don’t have too many male fish your tank to reduce competition and aggression.

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