What Are the Quietest Parrots?

Birds of a feather stick together — especially if they share similar personalities, or characteristics! Although some parrots are known to be very vocal (in the best way possible), there are some other birds who would rather keep their beautiful voices to a minimum. If you’re interested in connecting with a quieter bird, here are some lovely options for you:


These incredible birds are known for their vivid array of feathers, and can easily be categorized as a smaller version of the parrot. Typically known to share similar personality traits of parrots, parakeets are bold and noble. A parakeet would be ideal for a small living space and for an owner who would prefer a softer sound within their home.


With a headdress similar to a Vegas performer, these birds are known for their friendly and loving disposition. Cockatiels are a tad larger than parakeets, and are a little more vocal. In addition, this bird is known to sing beautiful tunes, and makes a great companion to any owner. Although they’re on the smaller side, they do require the same amount of TLC as a parrot.


Known for displaying an intricate feather pattern, these little wonders are the quietest of the bunch — but they have a big heart! Ideal for a small cage, Finches are low maintenance and require minimal cage cleaning per week. Many people don't realize that Canaries are actually a type of finch! These beautiful birds are known for their bright hues of yellow and orange feathers.

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