How to Help Your Bird Cope with Fireworks This 4th of July

Are you ready to celebrate the Fourth of July? While we are looking forward to fun, food and fireworks — or pets might think otherwise. Loud noises and unexpected bright flashes can scare your parrot. Here are a few tips to help ease your bird’s anxieties.

4th of July Tips for Parrots:

  • Cover The Cage - Cover your bird’s cage at night to help muffle out the noise and bright lights from loud fireworks.

  • Keep Windows Closed - Firework displays often emit a lot of burning smoke and sulfur. Keep the windows closed and keep your parrot indoors, so that the air does not irritate your pet.

  • Stay Calm - If you’re worried about your pet, he or she might pick up on it. Stay calm for your own health — and your pet’s health.

  • Stay Indoors - Although you may be spending much of your day outdoors, it’s important that you keep your pet inside. If your pet is startled by the sound of fireworks, he or she might fly away before you realize. If you do want to bring your pet outdoors, be sure it’s earlier in the day before the fireworks go off — and keep a close eye on them, making sure that they are hydrated and healthy.

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