Why Is My Fish Tank Cloudy?

Cloudy water can be a frustrating problem for aquarium owners. After all, you want to keep your tropical fish tank beautiful and healthy! Here are a few of the most common reasons why your fish tank water might be looking a bit cloudy.

Why Your Fish Tank Is Cloudy:

It’s a new aquarium!

New fish tanks need time to “cycle” before they are ready to properly handle your fish. Cloudy water is common during this process — as it takes time for the biological elements of your aquarium filter to be able to handle your fish waste. Have patience! This cloudiness will go away with time.

You have wooden decorations.

Sometimes, wooden decorations can release tannins into the fish tank water, giving it a yellow or brownish appearance. This is not necessarily a reason for concern, but keep in mind that these same decorations will soften the water, and in turn, lower your pH. If you plan on adding these decorations to your tank, be sure to choose fish that enjoy a low pH.

There is too much algae.

Algae growth builds when you overfeed your fish, your tank filter is dirty, there is too much light (is your fish tank near a window), and when your tank is due for a water change! Still not sure? Read more about why your fish tank has so much algae.

You need to perform more frequent water changes.

Be sure to change your tropical fish tank water once a week to keep your aquarium walls algae-free and to prevent water cloudiness.

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