How to Clean Your Tropical Aquarium

A clean tank is a healthy tank — but do you know how to properly care for your tropical aquarium? Keeping your tank clean is easy when you know how to do it right! These tips will help you keep your tropical aquarium beautiful and clean.

How to Keep Your Tropical Aquarium Clean:

  • Use a Siphon - Siphons will suck up the leftover food, fish waste, and any algae that might have collected at the bottom of the tank, in the gravel. You should remove about 10-15% of the water in your aquarium when you clean the bottom of your tank. These weekly water changes will prevent decaying organic matter from messing up the water chemistry in your tank.

  • Scrape Off Algae - If you have algae growing on the walls of your tank, or your aquarium decorations, you will want to keep them clean. Use an algae scraper to scrub the glass walls of the tank. You can also clean the tank decorations with these instructions.

  • Clean Your Filter - Your fish tank filter is responsible for keeping your tank clean and healthy for your fish. Change out the cartridges, sponges, and carbon when necessary. Your fish tank filter instructions will indicate exactly how often you should be changing and cleaning these important filter parts. Keep in mind that you should not be changing all of these parts at once, and you should not be changing them weekly. Some algae buildup is important for the health of your tank.

  • Add New Water - Now that you’ve cleaned your tank and removed the dirty water, you will want to add new, treated water to your tank. Be sure to keep in mind that regular tap water will be a different temperature and pH than the rest of your aquarium. Do not add all of the water at once and shock your fish. Treat the water, and gradually add it to your tank.

If you have any questions about how to keep your tropical aquarium clean, you need to stock up on pet supplies, or you’re looking to add a new fish to your tank, visit our Mineola pet store!

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