Pet-Friendly Tips for Your Memorial Day BBQ

Ready to celebrate Memorial Day weekend by firing up your grill and cooking some delicious BBQ fare? While we want everyone to enjoy a fun weekend, we also want to remind you a few pet-friendly tips at the start of the BBQ season. Here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Memorial Day BBQ Tips:

  • Wash Your Hands - After preparing BBQ meats, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly. You do not want to expose your bird to salmonella!

  • Keep Your Windows Closed - If you are grilling, be sure to keep the windows closed. BBQ smoke can filter in through your windows, putting your bird at risk.

  • Don’t Bring Your Bird By the Pool - While you can certainly spend time outdoors with your bird, you need to make sure that first, your bird cannot fly away, and second that you don’t put your bird near the pool. Parrots can drown if left alone outside, especially if their wings are trimmed.

  • Avoid Spray-On Sunscreen - While easy to apply, the fumes from breathing in sunscreen residue can irritate your parrot’s respiratory system.

If you need to stock up on any pet supplies this weekend, visit our Mineola pet store! We have everything that you need to keep your parrots happy and healthy.

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