Why Is My Parrot Screaming?

Parrots are vocal pets. They are the first to let you know when they’re happy, upset — or even bored. Since parrots use vocalizations to communicate, there is naturally going to be some noise involved in caring for your pet. That said, how do you know when the noise your bird is making is natural — and when the noises they are making are excessive? Here are a few reasons why your pet may expressing vocalizations.

Reasons For Excessive Screaming:

  • They’re Sick - Illnesses, including problems with your parrot’s diet, can cause your parrot to exhibit excessive vocalizations. Rule out illness by bringing your parrot to the vet.

  • The Environment Changed - Was there recently a change in their home environment? Even a change in the family makeup — like a kid going away to school — can make your pet feel a little bit stressed.

  • They’re Lonely - If your pet is bored and lonely, they may become stressed. Make sure you take the time to play with your pet — especially after long work days or weekend vacations.

  • They’re Not Sleeping Well - Is there a lot of noise near your parrots cage? Too much light? These are all factors that can leave them with inadequate sleep. Make sure that your parrot is getting enough shut eye.

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