How You Can Celebrate National Pet Week

It’s National Pet Week! This week, we are reminding all pet owners to show their pets a little extra love. Here are a few ways you might want to celebrate with your feathered friends.

How to Celebrate:

  • Make Them A Special Treat - What better way to show your pet how much you love him or her than by making them a special treat! There are plenty of bird-friendly recipes, like this recipe of for “Sweet Potato Balls.” This mix of sweet potatoes, raisins, mashed banana, mixed vegetables, apples and oatmeal is sure to be a treat for your feathered friend.

  • Share Your Veggies - Cooking up dinner tonight? Don’t forget to add to share some of your veggies with your bird! Leafy greens like collards and kale, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, squash, corn, cucumbers and other vegetables are a healthy addition to your bird’s seed diet. These fresh veggies will keep your pet healthy and happy.

  • Get a New Toy - Is your bird tired of his old toys? We have plenty of toys here at For Birds Only/Pet Lovers USA that will keep your bird entertained, engaged, and always learning! Give your pet a new toy to play with in honor of National Pet Week.

If you need and pet supplies for your parrot, tropical fish, or other pet, visit our Mineola pet store! We have everything that you need to celebrate and pamper your pet this week.

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