What Type of Food Should I Feed My Fish?

Tropical aquariums are a beautiful addition to any home. But if you’re new to fishkeeping or you’re just looking to add a new fish species to your tank, you need to make sure that you are providing your fish with the right nutrients.

Types of Fish Food:


Flakes are by far the most common type of fish food on the market. They are available in a wide range of formulas that are specially designed for the type of fish that you keep in your tank. If you have a catfish, loach or other bottom feeder, you may want to feed your fish TetraMin Tropical sinking Fish Food Tablets. However, you may want to supplement your Molly’s diet with vegetable fish flakes, like TetraVeggie Tropical Fish Food Flakes. Each type of flake should be modified for the fish’s dietary needs.


Freeze-dried fish foods can be used to supplement flakes. Since freeze drying kills potential pathogens, it’s a safe food to feed your fish. These foods include tubifex worms, mosquito larvae, bloodworms, water fleas and brine shrimp. Guppies, Gouramis, Bettas and Corydoras all enjoy this type of food.


Frozen fish foods range from zooplankton to whole fish. These frozen blends tend to be tailored for specific groups of fish, whether they are community fish, cichlid fish or saltwater fish. Choose your mix carefully!


Live food is immediately recognized as prey by your more aggressive fish. However, it is important to keep in mind that since the food is live, they may carry different parasites and bacteria with them. Brine shrimp are the safest of the live foods, but should only be used to supplement your fish’s diet. Guppies and other community fish will enjoy live brine shrimp as a treat.


Some of your fish may be herbivores! This means that they need seaweed based foods. This is a common source of food for fish like Plecos. Leave a little bit of natural algae on the back of your tank for your fish to snack on.

Automated Feeders

Planning a getaway? Feeders allow you to feed your fish while you are away for up to seven days. This is perfect for community tanks.

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