How to Make Your Own Finding Nemo Tank

Are you a fan of Finding Nemo — or the more recent film, Finding Dory? These Disney classics hold a special place in our hearts. If you are looking to add a beautiful, tropical aquarium to your home, you can bring the movie to life right in your living room. Follow these steps to create your very own “Finding Nemo” fish tank — complete with nemo, Dory, and your other favorite characters.


You’ll need to add the star of the show to our aquarium! Both nemo and his dad, Marlin, are clownfish. This is a great start species for those that are new to keeping saltwater aquariums.


Gil is a Moorish Idol. These fish are beautiful, but difficult to maintain. They are a schooling species that require a large tank to swim in. Only add this character to your tank if you have enough room to house him!


This quicky character that was obsessed with the plastic treasure chest (you’ll want to add one of those, too) is a Yellow Tang. It is important to keep in mind that since Yellow Tangs grow to about 8 inches, they need a very large aquarium.


Jacque is a cleaner shrimp! These fish are easy to care for and are fun to watch in your tank.


Deb is a 3-striped damsel fish. Since this species can be territorial towards other damsels, you’ll want to keep your nemo tank to just one.


This paranoid character is a basslet royal gramma. Similar to the movie, grammas love to dart in and out of rock work out of comfort.


Peach is a sea star. There are plenty of different kinds of sea stars. Since this type of sea star is not common in home aquariums, you may want to opt for a different species. Keep in mind, ALL sea stars are very delicate to changes in their environment.


Last, but not least, Bloat is a porcupine puffer fish. This is the last of the Finding Nemo tank gang — a character who inflated at times. It is important to remember that in a healthy environment, your puffer fish should not puff out. If they do, it is a result of stress.


Although she isn’t part of the tank gang, Dory is a desirable addition to any Finding Nemo tank. Dory is a Blue Tang.

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