Why Do Reptiles Shed Their Skin?

As reptiles grow, they shed their skin to allow for further growth. However, unlike our skin, a reptile's skin doesn’t grow as they grow. Instead, snakes, lizards, and other reptiles shed their skin regularly, when their old skin is outgrown. It peels away, leaving behind a reptile-shaped shell.

Why Reptiles Shed Their Skin

Reptiles shed their skin so that they can continue to grow. They grow a new lawyer of skin underneath their old skin, and then shed their old one, also known as sloughing or molting. This is so that they can get rid of any parasites and continue to grow.

Signs Your Lizard Will Shed:

  • They become dull in color.

  • Their eyes will turn a cloudy, bluish color.

  • They may hide more often.

  • They are eating less.

  • They don’t want to be held.

If your pet does not completely shed their skin, it is a signal that there is a health problem. It is important that you seek veterinary care if your pet does not properly shed.

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