Pet Spotlight: Parrotlets

Parrotlets may be small in size, but they come with a big personality! These beautiful birds are green with a blue streak (if they’re male). They are affectionate and make a great companion. If you’re thinking of adding a parrotlet to your family, here are a few FAQs to keep in mind.

Parrotlet FAQs:

What type of personality to parrotlets have?

Your parrotlet is likely to be affectionate — and sometimes feisty. They’re a great bird to keep in pairs because they will develop a strong bond with their companion. If left alone for too long, a single parrotlet will lose some of its complacency.

What should I feed my parrotlet?

Parrotlets eat a largely pellet-based diet. However, their food should also be supplemented with fresh fruits, veggies, and seed. Your parrotlet will love to eat fresh pears, apples, green bean and bananas with you at dinner. You will also want to provide your parrotlet with a source of calcium, such as a cuttlebone.

What kind of housing does my parrotlet need?

Although your parrotlet is pocked-sized, your pet needs plenty of room to stretch its wings. Provide your feathered friend with a spacious cage with  ¼ inch bar spacing. You will also want to make sure that your parrotlet has plenty of toys, swings and space to be entertained.

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