Our Top 5 Funniest Parrot Videos

Parrots are known for their amazing ability to sometimes mimic speech. In fact, there are thousands of videos online of parrots saying funny phrases or singing full songs! Here are a few of our favorite viral parrot videos on the internet.

5 Funniest Parrot Videos:

1. Parrot Singing Chandelier by Sia

This talented parrot sounds just like Sia while she sings her favorite song, "Chandelier."

2. Einstein the Parrot's TED Talk

Einstein is a famous parrot that has appeared on many television shows, and has her very own TED talk  with her trainer, Stephanie White. 

3. Parrot Singing Rihanna and Eminem's  "The Monster" 

This talented parrot is singing Rihanna's part of "The Monster." It recently went viral this year - and we can see why!

4. Parrot Dancing To "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by the Beach Boys

This fun and lovable parrot dancing to "Wouldn't It Be Nice" has brightened the days of many YouTube viewers. 

5. Parrot Singing "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

Our roundup wouldn't be complete with this famous, viral video of a parrot singing the famous metal song, "Bodies" by Drowning Pool.

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