How to Organize Your Pet Supplies

Ready to do some spring cleaning around the house? As you dust and organize your bathroom, kitchen and closet, don’t forget about your pet’s supplies, too! Here are a few tips to help you get your pet supplies organized this spring.

Organization Tips:

Keep Everything In One Place.

After a while, you may find that your pet toys are scattered around your house. Pick everything up and place them in one convenient storage container to keep things organized AND so your pet supplies don’t become lost.

Have a Dedicated Place For Your Pet Supplies.

Just like you need a closet or drawer for your belongings, your pet should have one too! Keep all of your pet’s things in one place, neatly stored away in a basket or on a shelf.

Throw Away What You Don’t Use.

If you have old water dishes, toys, and treats, now is the time to throw them away. Keep your home decluttered and only keep the pet supplies that you need.

Store Your Food In A Container.

All of your pet’s food should be stored in a container with an air tight lid to prevent pests from invading. Make sure that it’s in a safe place where it is away from water.

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