Our Favorite Pet Spotlights!

We love highlighting the beautiful birds that we have in stock. Today, we have rounded up a few of our favorite “Pet Spotlights” -- featuring some of the hand fed baby birds that we have in stock. Learn more about our most popular parrots.

Popular Pet Spotlights

Pet Spotlight: Conure Parrot

Conure parrots can be considered large parakeets -- or small parrots. Their unique size makes them the perfect pet for many households.

Pet Spotlight: Lovebirds

Lovebirds are loyal and affectionate parrots. They are well known for their prominent white eye rings and ability to build strong pair bonds.

Pet Spotlight: Cockatiels

Did you know that Cockatiels are the number one exotic pet bird in America? We’re not surprised! These beautiful birds have strong, outgoing personalities!

Pet Spotlight: Cockatoos


Cockatoos are some of the most friendly birds. They are unique, affection and are well known for their head bobbing, dancing and loud calls.

Pet Spotlight: Parakeets

Parakeets, alternatively referred to as budgies, are a fun and entertaining household pet. These beautiful birds are typically green and yellow in coloring; however, they can also be blue, white and grey!

If you have any questions about the parrots and other exotic birds that we have in stock, do not hesitate to give our store a call at 516-746-3630! You can also visit us in Mineola to say hello to our birds in person!

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