Popular Bird Tricks to Teach Your Pet

Looking to teach your pet a few new tricks? While training can be difficult, it’s also a great way to show off your bird’s many talents. Here are a few of the most popular bird tricks that people teach their pets.

Popular Bird Tricks:

Step-Up - One of the first tricks that pet parents teach their parrot is to step up onto their finger. This is a great way to get your parrot comfortable with you and allow you to better handle him on a daily basis!

Dancing - Find a safe place for your bird to practice dancing and turn on some tunes. Try out some different styles and find what your bird responds to best.

Waving Hello - Teaching your bird to wave hello is a very cute trick. It is important that your bird knows how to step up before teaching this trick so that your pet is comfortable with your hand and finger coming towards him. Remember to reward your parrot with lots of treats!

Talking - Not every bird species is capable of mimicking speech, but several birds out there can learn how to mimic your words! Just keep in mind that even though a bird species can talk, that does not mean that your parrot will definitely pick up on the habit.

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