How Long Do Different Parrot Species Live?

Thinking of adding a parrot to your family? Our feathered friends become a big part of our lives and it’s important that future pet parents know and are prepared for just how long that will be. In fact, some parrots will outlive their owners! Knowing the expected lifespan of your parrot will help you plan accordingly and find a loving home for the parrot that best meets your family’s needs.

Parrot Life Expectancy:


These colorful parrots are one of the largest parrot species and, in turn, have one of the longest life expectancy. Healthy Macaws can live anywhere from 60-80 years!


These birds are known for their fluffy crests and fun behavior. Smaller cockatoos can live up to 20 years, while larger birds can live 60 years or more!

African Greys

With good nutrition and care, African greys can live an average of 50-60 years. However, some African greys have lived to older than 80 years!


Amazons have a loud personality and are known as great communicators. These birds have a lifespan of about 50-70+ years.


These beautiful birds live anywhere from 65 to 85 years.


Conures are a medium size parrot -- and are often considered the perfect size for a pet! These parrots live anywhere from 12 to 30 years.


Lories, also known as lorikeets are one of the most colorful parrot species. Lories live on average 13 to 25 years.


These short and stocky birds live for an average of 30 years. Learn more about Caiques in our spotlight!


Cockatiels are the number one pet bird in America! Cockatiels can live anywhere from 12 to 20 years.


Lovebirds live for about 15 to 25 years.

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