How to Choose the Perfect Pet Parrot in 2018

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Thinking of adding a feathered friend to your home in the new year? There are so many different species of birds to choose from -- so how do you know which one is the right fit for your family? Here are a few tips to help you decide on the right parrot in 2018:

I Like to Keep Things Neat.

Birds can make a mess around their cage. Loose feathers, seeds, and debris can end up around the cage. If you know that cleaning up after a parrot would be a lot of work, consider a smaller bird like a budgie, canary or finch. While these birds do still leave a bit of a mess, they will be a bit neater than larger birds.

I Like the Quiet.

Some birds can be loud. If you know that you enjoy a quiet space, and would prefer a bird that sings more peaceful songs, avoid conures, parrots and cockatoos.

I Want a Bird That Talks.

If you’re looking to teach a bird to talk, look into African Gray parrots, Amazon parrots and other birds who mimic speech more quickly.

I Want to Bond with My Bird.

Newborn birds that are fed by hand are more likely to be more comfortable and affectionate with their owners! You can learn more about our handfed baby birds by heading down to our store or giving us a call!

Ready to add a parrot to your family? We have parrots and other exotic birds in our Mineola, NY pet store! Visit our website - or come in and see the birds for yourself!

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