How to Clean Up After Your Parrot

Parrots spend a lot of their time preening and grooming their feathers. They love to keep themselves clean! However, as a result, they also tend to leave a big mess of feathers, food and bird poop on the bottom of their cage. For pet owners, this means that you’ll be spending a lot of time cleaning the bottom of their cage -- and often the floor around the cage, too. Here are a few tips to help you develop a routine for caring for parrot and keeping the cage clean.

How to Clean Up After Your Parrot:

Daily Routine

  1. Change the cage liner. You should have a liner (newspaper, magazines, paper towels, etc.) on the bottom of your parrots cage for easy cleaning. Swap out the cage liner at the end of the day to keep your cage clean and hygienic.

  2. Spot clean any toys. Check your parrot’s perch and toys and spot clean where necessary.

  3. Throw out uneaten food. Check your parrot’s seeds and clean up any shells -- and throw away any uneaten food that may be perishable (i.e. vegetables, fruit, etc.).

  4. Sweep and vacuum around the cage area. Your bird is bound to let a few feathers and seeds drop around the cage. Sweep or vacuum this area daily so that the mess doesn’t get out of control.

Bi-Weekly Routine

  • Wash the Cage - Every once every other week (or every week if your bird is particularly messy), you should remove and thoroughly clean all of the perches, toys, dishes and other accessories in the cage.

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