Which Pet Birds Are Known for their Songs?

Bird songs can be truly beautiful -- and relaxing! In fact, certain birds are well known for their pleasing tunes. But which bird species is best? Here are a few of the birds that are known for showing off their beautiful voices.

Pet Birds Known for Singing

Amazon Parrots - These parrots have a truly colorful personality, and they love to show off their skills. They have magnificent voices and can learn to mimic speech -- and in turn, can mimic full songs. This bird heard Sia’s song enough to sing it around the house (and he sings it pretty well, too)!

Canaries - There is no bird song more beautiful than that of a canarie. In fact, canaries are often specifically bred for their vocal abilities! It is important to keep in mind that while female canaries are capable of singing, their male counterparts are the real singers of the species. They sing to find mates!

Cockatiels - Cockatiel parrots are well known for their powerful, smooth whistling. They love to show off! There are tons of videos online of cockatiels performing -- whether dancing or singing.

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