Do I Need An Aquarium Heater?

Looking to set up a freshwater aquarium in your home? There is one fishtank essential you don’t want to overlook -- an aquarium heater!

Why are aquarium heaters important?

Temperature fluctuations can be very stressful for tropical fish. If your fish tank is located near a drafty window or a home heating/cooling vent, the temperature of your tank may change drastically throughout the day. These environmental stresses put your tropical fish at risk of disease. An aquarium heater will keep your tank at a consistent temperature throughout the day so that your fish are happy and healthy.

Do I need a heater even if my tank is small?

Smaller tanks are actually more susceptible to temperature fluctuations! It’s even more important for those with smaller tanks to have heaters that help keep the tank temperature consistent.

What type of heater should I buy?

There are several different types of heating options, but the most common is a hanging aquarium heater. These heaters hang on the edge of the tank, usually in the back. Submersible aquarium heaters, substrate heaters and in-line aquarium heaters are other heating options available for your tank.

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