Pet Spotlight: White-Eyed Conure

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White-Eyed Conures are incredible creatures that have a unique feathering pattern. When you take a closer look at these beautiful parrots, they have a dashing streak of white feathering around their eye socket, and hints of a fiery red mixed between hues of a cool, deep green. Although these stunning parrots are quite photogenic in terms of their looks, they also make for incredible pets. If you’re looking for the perfect feathered friend, then here are a few of the many incredible features that a White-Eyed Conure can offer:

White-Eyed Conure FAQs:

What type of personality do White-Eyed Conures have?

Before you befriend a White-Eyed Conure, it’s important to know that this beautiful parrot is quite sociable and will truly make a great pet! From showing their affection to being quite a comedian, these parrots have a wonderful personality and will truly warm your heart! It’s important to know that White-Eyed Conures are quite vocal and may make a scream-like noise from time-to-time if they grow bored or want your attention. Needless to say, these parrots will make for the perfect feathered friend for you to love and adore!

What should I feed my White-Eyed Conure?

When it comes to feeding your new feathered friend, it’s important to keep them on a strict diet — since it’s possible they’ll want to snack on excessive amounts of junk food. With that being said, White-Eyed Conures love an array of fresh vegetables, fruit and of course some seeds. Always be cautious of your parrot’s diet and never feed them an excessive amount of seeds!

What kind of housing does my White-Eyed Conure need?

It's important to give your parrot plenty of room to exercise — since White-Eyed Conures are extremely active pets. They love to climb and chew, so provide your pet with plenty of toys, including ladders, ropes, and swings, in their cage. In addition to their little home, let your parrot explore around your actual home (with strict supervision, of course) — since these parrots love to explore and learn!

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