What Are the Best Pets for A Small Apartment?

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For most, apartments are a love/hate relationship. No matter how you look at it, there is one feature that makes small space living better: having a pet! Besides being the best kind of roommate, having a pet in your space will bring joy on a daily basis! If you live in a small apartment and are looking for a little friend, then here are some of the best pets to invite into your home:

Pet 1: Fish

Looking for an even smaller friend to add to your apartment? A fish will make the perfect addition to your countertop or coffee table! Taking up little-to-no space, a goldfish will be ideal since it only requires a simple tank, fish food, and clean water (from time to time). In addition to being quite small in size, a fish never has to leave your apartment for a walk and doesn’t require too much maintenance. It’s the perfect addition for those who work late hours, and can’t make it home in time to take a dog for a walk!

Pet 2: Birds

Need to liven up your space with a feathered friend? Having a bird will make the perfect addition to your apartment! Just like fish, birds don’t require a lot of room and can be easily taken care of in your space. In addition to being a space-saving pet, birds primarily reside in their little apartments (cage) and are simple to take care of, as long as you give your bird it’s essentials and spend time with your feathered friend when you’re home!

Pet 3: Hamster

Want a little fuzzy friend to keep you company? Look into purchasing a hamster! Besides being a space-saving rodent, hamsters reside in their cage and just require food, water, occasional cage cleanings and attention. In addition: hamsters love to have toys within their little apartments (cage) such as a wheel to run in! They’re simple to take care of and will be an adorable addition to your small apartment or space!

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