How to Choose the Right Fish Tank For Your Fish

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Thinking of adding a beautiful tropical fish tank to your home? Aquarium fish don’t just make great pets, the tank can truly be the focal point of your room! So as you shop around for the perfect aquarium for your home, how do you know what style is the best fit for your home? Here are a few factors that you’ll want to consider when picking out your brand new tropical aquarium.

Saltwater or Freshwater?

The first and most important fish tank decision you have to make is whether you plan on keeping freshwater or saltwater fish in your home. These fish have very different water parameter needs, and also have very different levels of care/maintenance.

Bow Front or Flat Facing?

Do you want a bow front tank that has a curved front? Bow fronts are beautiful, but they can give a distorted view because the glass is curved. They can also be more difficult to find lighting/hoods for.

Corner Tank, Square, or Hexagonal?

Where do you plan on putting your new tropical fish tank? You’ll want to consider the shape of the tank when it comes to location. There are corner tank styles that can fit perfectly into the corner of your living room! If not, there are square, rectangular and hexagonal tanks that give you different perspectives on the tank.

Have you decided on the right tropical aquarium style for your home? Visit our Mineola pet store to purchase your tank and stock up on all the supplies you need to keep your new fish happy and healthy!

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