How Many Times a Day Should I Feed My Fish?

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Healthy fish will always be hungry -- so how do you know if you're overfeeding them?  

As a general rule of thumb, you should only give your fish the amount of food that they can consume in 30 seconds.  If they have eaten all of the food in 30 seconds, you can give them the same amount of food again.  Feeding your fish once a day like this should suffice.  However, you can alternatively feed them twice a day.

What happens when you overfeed your fish?

Overfeeding is detrimental to the balance of your aquarium health.  Uneaten fish food that decays will increase the ammonia levels in your tank.  This results in more bacteria than the nitrogen cycle can handle (and you'll get more algae)!

Overfeeding your aquarium fish and upsetting the nitrogen balance can leave your fish feeling sick.  They might have frayed fins, gasp for air at the surface, or have white spots known as Ich. These common tropical fish illnesses are the result of poor water quality.  If you have a tropical fish tank at home, make sure that you are feeding your fish the right amount of food to keep them happy and healthy.

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