Foods You Can Cook for Your Parrots This Fall

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Autumn is the perfect time to get into the cooking mood — especially if the meal is for your parrot! From an incredible array of sweet treats to miniature gourmet dinners, cooking for your feathered friend is much easier than you think! If you’re looking to surprise your parrot, then here are some great recipes you can try:


A favorite dish amongst many parrots is mash! Known as a simple dish, this sweet little meal takes a variety of fresh veggies and mixed nuts for an incredible treat! While it’s always good to see what foods your feathered friend can digest, some of the most popular are red peppers and spinach. Once you pick the ingredients of your choice, the next step is:

  • Clean the ingredients as you would do for yourself. If you have access to purified water, that will be an even better choice.

  • Chop the ingredients up in a food processor to prevent any choking.

  • Take your fine assortment of veggies and mix them together.

  • Once complete, it’s time to place the mash in a bowl and serve it to your feathered friend!

Vegetable Skewers

Another fan favorite are simple vegetable skewers for your little buddy! Known as the most simplistic recipe, it takes little to no time to create the miniature skewers for your pal! Just like the ingredients for mash, the same will work for the skewers (minus the spinach) — but you can also add apples and pumpkin slices! After you’ve collected the ingredients, be sure to:

  • Wash the ingredients, as you would do for yourself.

  • Cut them up into pieces with a knife — but make them at a reasonable size to digest.

  • Once cut, place them on a bird-safe, stainless steel bird food skewer.

  • Present the new, autumnal treat to your feathered friend!

Veggie Medley

Looking to give your parrot a bird-approved salad? Why not give them a veggie medley! Using the same ingredients as the two recipes above (spinach included this time), take them and make a miniature salad with these easy steps:

  • As always, clean the ingredients as you would do for yourself.

  • Chop up the veggies with by hand into even pieces.

  • Place the bird-approved salad into their feeding dish.

  • Give the deliciously healthy meal to your beloved little buddy and watch them enjoy!

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