Video Roundup -- Funny Parrot Videos

There is no shortage of funny parrot videos on the internet. We’re sure your birds make you laugh every day with some of their strange behaviors! If you can’t get enough — here are a few of our favorite funny parrot videos.

Funny Parrot Video Roundup:

Video #1:

With Halloween just a few weeks away, what better way to get into the spirit than with the famous Addams Family theme song? This cockatiel has his own version!

Video #2:

This Eclectus and Quaker Parrot make the cutest pair.

Video #3:

Britches the parrot really want to eat his owner’s camera — and he’s not sure why it’s not allowed.

Video #4:

Hopping isn’t just for bunnies — this parrot loves to jump around in his handmade bunny outfit. Note: Although this is adorable, just remember, we don’t recommend dressing your parrot's up this Halloween.

Video #5:

We bet it’s hard to get any work done when your parrot is trying to play Peek-a-Boo all day!

Video #6:

Is this cockatoo a dog or a parrot? We’re not sure.

Video #7:

Our pets don’t always get along.

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