Why Do I Need to "Cycle" My Fish Tank?

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Fact: it’s the greatest feeling in the world to have some pet fish in your home! Whether you’re planning on having a large tank or a small fishbowl, it’s quite the experience to have these little beauties around! If you’re purchasing fish for the first time (or are buying a few more), then it’s important to cycle your fish tank. Not sure why? Don’t swim away — we’re here to tell you why:

What Does “Cycle” Mean?

Unlike cycling on a bicycle, this term has a much a different meaning in relation to fish. To cycle your fish tank is to stabilize the water levels from the harmful toxins your fish produces from swimming around. That’s right: your fish will be creating a muck that will be detrimental to its own health — especially if a filter is involved. If you’d like to extend the lifespan of your fish, then it’s highly important to cycle the tank — especially if you have a small group of fish. When cycling, it will help create a beneficial bacteria level in the filter, which will stabilize the water level — creating a healthier environment for your fish.

Why Do I Need to “Cycle” My Fish Tank?

As mentioned before, it’s extremely important that you cycle your fish tank to increase the lifespan of your fish. If your fish friends swim around in a tank that has unbalanced levels of nitrate (from their waste), then it will create the most unhealthy environment for your pet fish. If the filter in the tank continues to increase the harmful waste pollution in the water, then your fish will become stressed and will start to eat less each day — eventually leading to a shorter lifespan. If you’re not sure how to cycle (or properly cycle) your fish tank, always feel free to reach out to us — because we’ll be more than glad to help you and your fish!

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