Your Monthly Guide to Easy Aquarium Maintenance

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Keeping your aquarium clean is essential for the health of your tropical fish. If you’re new to keeping a tropical fish tank, or you just need a refresher on the type of maintenance that you should be performing on your tank, we’ve laid out the essentials to aquarium care below!

Easy Aquarium Maintenance Guide:


  • Change 10-15% of the water in the tank. You want to make sure that you keep up with regular weekly water changes. This will ensure that the water in your tank stays clear and that you remove any particles that would otherwise mess with the pH, nitrite, and nitrate levels in your tank. Use a siphon vacuum to remove 10-15% of the water from the bottom of the tank — where all of the leftover food and waste has fallen.

  • Clean the aquarium walls. If any algae has built up on the walls of your tank, scrape it off with an aquarium brush. Keep in mind — some green algae is ok! Leave the algae on the back of your tank, but brush off the green algae on the front and side of your tank so that you can see your beautiful tropical fish.


  • Replace any necessary filter parts. Your filter should come with specific instructions on how often you should replace the filter inserts, cartridges, floss, and carbon. In general, this tends to be on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Be sure to replace any necessary parts monthly so that your tank stays clean and your filter is working properly!

  • Test the water quality. Make sure that your water parameters are in the correct range! You want to make sure that your fish tank pH, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia levels are all within the correct range.

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