How to Care For Your Bird's Beak

Your parrot’s beak is used to eat, climb, play, and prune. It plays such an important role in your pet bird’s life -- which is why pet owners need to do everything they can to help keep their bird’s beak healthy. Beaks should have a smooth, symmetrical appearance, no discoloration and no unusual textures, but how do you keep your bird’s beak in tiptop shape? Here are a few at-home care tips.

At-Home Care:

  • Eat the Right Foods - Feeding your pet the right foods goes a long way towards keeping their beak healthy. Make sure that they are eating the right seeds or pellets and that they have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Provide Chew Toys - Give your bird toys to chew on. Ropes, wooden blocks, and natural coconut pieces will help your bird keep his or her beak trimmed.

  • Add a Conditioning Perch - Put a conditioning perch in your pet’s cage so that your bird can rub his or her beak against the perch. This will help keep their beak clean and trimmed.

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