How to Keep Your Parrot Warm This Winter

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Where is your parrot’s cage located in your home?

During the winter months, it’s particularly important that pet parents keep their tropical bird warm. A cold draft can leave your feathered friend prone to illness. If you notice that your bird is fluffing up his feathers or tucking his beak into his chest, he may be feeling chilly. Here are a few tips to help you keep your parrot warm this winter.

Cold-Weather Tips for Your Parrot:

  • Raise the Humidity - Humidity levels can be very low in the winter months, leaving your home feeling colder than usual. Use a humidifier at home to keep your home and your parrot warm.

  • Use a Space Heater - Don’t want to raise the thermostat? Use a space heater, instead! A space heater will keep the room that your bird is in warm. Just be sure that there are no exposed coils, as dust or down feathers from your bird may cause a fire hazard.

  • Use Body Heat - Although putting a towel over your pet’s cage won’t warm them up, you can use your body heat to keep them warm. Just keep in mind that if you do wrap your bird in a towel, this will conserve heat but will not warm him up.

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