How to Introduce a New Bird Into Your Home

Thinking of adding a new feathered friend to your family? This can be a very exciting time for you and your pet! Following these steps will help make the introduction go smoothly and help ensure that your birds get along.

How to Introduce a New Bird:

  1. Use separate cages, at first. Make sure that you introduce your new pet gradually. Keep your new bird in a separate cage, near your current pet. This will help your birds get to know each other at a slight distance.

  2. Always keep an eye out for signs of stress. Look for signs of stress in your bird, including picking at feathers, squawking, flapping wings or loud vocalizations.

  3. Introduce them in a neutral space. If you typically keep your bird in the living room, bring both birds into your bedroom or other space to introduce them in a neutral environment. This initial introduction should be fairly brief.

  4. Let them have some playtime. After your pets have been introduced and look comfortable with each other, let them play in a neutral area.  Consider getting a playstand for your birds to hop around on.

  5. If you birds don’t get along, don’t force it. Give your pets plenty of time to get to know each other. It may take time for your birds to warm up.

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