What is a Brackish Aquarium?

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You’re familiar with freshwater fish like tetras and platies, and you know salt water tanks host clown fish and corals, but are you familiar with brackish aquariums?

Brackish tanks are half saltwater and half freshwater. This unique system is home to a variety of beautiful fish native to estuaries, mangrove forests and swamps -- areas where freshwater rivers open up into the salty ocean. Here are a few of the fish you will find thriving in a brackish tank.

Brackish Fish:

  • Puffer Fish

  • Mollies

  • Green Scats

  • Archer Fish

  • Mono Argentus

So how do you care for your brackish aquarium?

  1. Monitor the salinity. A hydrometer will help you determine the specific gravity and salinity of your tank, so that you can keep all your parameters in check.

  2. Perform weekly changes. As with any tank, you’ll want to perform weekly water changes to keep your fish happy and healthy.

  3. Decorate the aquarium appropriately. Most plants will not thrive in a salty environment. However, you can add mangroves or driftwood to help your fish feel right at home in a natural environment.

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