Why It's So Important to Check Your Water Quality

When was the last time you checked the water quality of your fish tank? Every aquarist should make these tests part of your weekly tank maintenance!

Freshwater Fish Tank Water Quality:

pH - The ideal pH varies based on the type of fish you keep in your aquarium. However, on average, most community tanks are happy at a pH of 6.5-8.2. It’s important to check your pH from week to week because pH can change overtime depending on the hardness of your water. It is also important to check your pH with any partial water changes. Your tap water might be a different pH than your aquarium requires.

Ammonia - Overtime, your fish will produce ammonia. Test to make sure that your filter is effectively removing all of the ammonia in your tank.

Nitrite - Nitrite is produced when fish waste and flakes decompose in the tank. It can reduce your fish’s ability to carry oxygen in their blood. Remove nitrite during your weekly water changes and check to make sure that it is not at dangerous levels.

Nitrate - Like nitrite, nitrate is also produced through decomposition. Use water changes to lower the concentration and prevent algal growth.

Hardness - Water hardness is a measure of how many minerals are in your water. Harder water usually has a higher pH, while softer water generally has a lower pH. Certain fish thrive in varying hardness - check to see what is ideal for your tropical fish.

Chlorine - Chlorine is naturally added to our water supply to make it safe for us to drink -- but it’s bad for our fish. Always use a dechlorinator when adding new water to your tank.

Temperature - Keep a thermometer in your tank, as well as a heater. Big temperature swings throughout the day and night can be very stressful for your fish. It is important to maintain a stable temperature in your tank. Most fish enjoy a range between 74 and 82 degrees F.

If your water quality is out of balance, you might notice algal blooms and even put your fish at risk of developing a number of common tropical fish diseases.  Visit our Mineola pet store to stock up on all of the test kits, water conditioners, pH adjusters and filter parts you need to keep your tropical fish happy and healthy.

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