How to Add LIVE Plants to your Aquarium

Live plants are a beautiful addition to any aquarium. They are an attractive and functional way to create a natural looking landscape for your tropical fish tank. They help provide a place for your fish to hide and even reduce the amount of algae in your tank!

If you’re looking to add live plants to your tank,  it’s important to note that they require careful planning and preparation in order to remain healthy. Follow these steps when adding live plants to your tropical aquarium.

How to Add Live Plants:

  1. Choose the Right Substrate - You will want to choose a high quality, mineral rich substrate for your tank. Look at the requirements for the plants that you are looking to add to your tank.

  2. Check Your pH - Your pH and water hardness are essential to keeping your new plants healthy. Check you pH and kH regularly and make sure that you keep your water quality consistent with your plant and tropical fish needs.

  3. Change Your Aquarium Lighting - The fluorescent lighting that comes with most fish tanks is not suitable for your live plants. Replace your lamp with a light that is designed with plants in mind.

  4. Add Your Fish - You should give your plants 2-3 weeks to establish themselves before adding any fish to your tank.

  5. Add Plant Supplements - As your plants grow, they will need to be fertilized with nutrients. Follow the care instructions for the plants that you add to your tank.

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