Pet Spotlight - African Cichlids

Cichlids are one of the most active and engaging fish species out there.  Thinking of adding one of these beautiful fish to your home’s tropical aquarium? Here are a few FAQs to keep in mind when caring for your new tropical fish.

African Cichlid FAQs:

What are their tank requirements?

Your African cichlid will need lots of room to swim and grow. While a bigger tank is better with any fish species, you should definitely have a tank that is 55 gallons or larger.

In terms of water quality, you’ll generally want to keep a higher pH. However, this depends on the type of African cichlid fish that you are keeping.

Add plenty of decorations and plants in the tank for your fish to hide behind, but also leave areas for open swimming.

What other types of fish can I add to the tank?

Your African cichlid is an aggressive fish species. It shouldn’t be mixed with South American cichlids or passive, community fish.  If you plan on adding additional fish to the tank, you can add an algae cleaner or bottom feeder like a plecostomus. Bottoms feeders will stay out of the cichlids way and are a good match for your fish.

What do I need to feed my Cichlid?

African cichlids are a diverse group of fish. However, most cichlids are omnivorous, eating a mixture of vegetation and other fish. If you purchase a cichlid pellet, it should have all the nutrients your fish will need. Be sure to check if your particular cichlid species will need to supplement their pellet diet.

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