How to Help New Fish Adjust to Your Tank

Thinking of adding a few new tropical fish to your tank?

Knowing how to help a new fish adjust will help them stay healthy and stress-free. Take a look at the steps you should follow to help your new tropical fish adjust to its new home.

Steps to Help Your Fish Adjust:

  1. Bring Your Fish Straight Home - The trip home can be stressful. Be sure to drive straight home so that your fish spends less time out of a tank.

  2. Let the Bag Float in the Tank - After you're home, let the plastic bag holding your new fish float in the tank for about fifteen to twenty minutes before opening it. This will give the water in the bag time to adjust to the temperature of your tank.

  3. Re-Arrange Your Decorations - If you know that your fish are territorial, it might be a good idea to re-arrange the decorations in your tank so that your new fish will feel more welcome.

  4. Add Your Tank Water to the Bag - Open up the bag and add some of your tank water into the bag. This will help dilute the water from the store. Let the water adjust again.

  5. Add Your Fish to the Tank - After the water has adjusted, carefully release your new fish into the tank.

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