How to Introduce a Second Bird

Looking to welcome a second bird into your home? This can be very exciting for you and your feathered friend! However, it’s important to remember that it will take some time and adjusting before your birds feel comfortable with each other. These tips will help make for a stress-free introduction and a long-term friendship.

Tips for a Smoother Transition:

  1. Keep Them Separate (At First) - Before you place your birds in the same cage, you’ll want to keep them separate. This will help your birds become accustomed to each other’s calls and presence.

  2. Introduce Them - Be very patient when introducing your new pet.  In many cases, birds will try to assert dominance over each other. It may take a while for your birds to be comfortable with each other.

  3. Don’t Overwhelm Them - Avoid too many new changes when introducing a new pet. Avoid purchasing a new cage or moving the location your pet will be. If you do need a new cage or to move its location, do so before you introduce your new pet. You don’t want your bird to have too many stresses at once.

  4. Make Positive Associations - Give your pets treats when they are together so that they start to make positive associations with each other. This will help eliminate any jealousy that occurs between your two pets.

  5. Have Them Learn Together - Teach them a new trick together! This will help your birds become more comfortable with playing in the same room together. While it may be a while before they start playing with each other, this can help get them on the right track.

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