How to Add Coral to Your Tank

A saltwater aquarium is a beautiful addition to any home. However, adding new coral to your tank isn’t as simple as making the purchase and bringing it home. Follow these steps to help acclimate your new coral to your tropical fish tank.

How to Add Coral to Your Tank:

  1. Purchase Your Coral - Visit our store and pick out the perfect coral for your aquarium. Mushrooms and Polyps are great starter corals!

  2. Test Your Water - Always test your fish tank water quality first. Check to make sure that your nitrate/nitrite levels are appropriate and that you don’t have any ammonia in the tank.

  3. Let the Temperature Adjust - Give your coral plenty of time to acclimate to the water temperature inside of your tank. Even the short car ride from our store to your home can cause the temperature inside of the bag to change. For coral, even a small temperature difference can cause shock.

  4. Slowly Introduce Water - One way to slowly introduce your coral to your tank water is to place the coral in a small container. Take it out of the bag and slowly add water from your tank into the container. This will help your coral adjust to any changes in water chemistry.

  5. Use a Coral Dip - Coral dips are an important step in adding new coral to your system. This helps cut down on the risk of adding unwanted pests (red bugs, flat worms, parasites) to your tank.

  6. Place the Coral - You’re finally ready to add the coral to your tank! Make sure that you place your coral in a spot that works for light requirements and the other fish in the tank.

Thinking of adding something new to your tank? We know how exciting this can be! Visit our Mineola store to see what we have in stock. You can also learn more about us on our website or by giving us a call at 516-746-3630.

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