Pet Spotlight - Rose Breasted Cockatoos

The Rose-Breasted Cockatoo is one of the most common and widespread cockatoos. They are a beautiful, exotic bird species known for their distinctive pink and grey feathers. Their beautiful bold plumage makes them a sought after pet for bird lovers.

Thinking of adding a Rose-Breasted Cockatoo to your family? These tips will help you care for your new feathered friend.

What should you feed your Rose-Breasted Cockatoo?

The Cockatoo diet consists largely of  a mix of seeds, nuts and dried fruit. We carry brands that carry the perfect mix for your feathered friend.  However, you should also supplement your bird's diet with fresh vegetables and fruits.  Since rose-breasted cockatoos are prone to fat tumours, it is important that your bird has a low-fat diet with plenty of exercise!

What kind of housing does your bird need?

No bird cage is too big for your cockatoo!  The more space your feathered friend has to spread his or her wings, the better.  However, the minimum size cage for your pet should be about 90 x 70 x 120 cm.  

Additionally, your cage should have horizontal bars so that your bird can climb around the cage. You can also add a parrot stand or Java tree so that your bird can climb, too.

What kind of toys should I give my rose-breasted cockatoo?

Rose-breasted cockatoos are a very outgoing bird species. They are full of vitality -- mentally stimulating toys are a must! Add puzzles, foraging tubes, chewy toys and anything else that keeps your pet entertained.

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