Pet Spotlight: Quaker Parrots


Quaker parrots, also known as monk parakeets, are small, bright green, beautiful pets. These parrots are extremely intelligent and social. They routinely develop vocabularies early on in their life! If you’re thinking of adding a quaker parrot to your family, here are a few FAQs to consider.

What should you feed your Quaker Parrot?

You should feed your parrot a variety of foods to keep them healthy. Include fresh unseasoned vegetables and fruits alongside the traditional pellet and seed diet. Quakers can also eat black beans, navy beans, kidney beans and lentils! Nuts are a good way to provide your quaker with protein, but since they are high in fat, you should keep this limited.

What kind of housing does your Quaker Parrot need?

Find a cage that is big enough for your parrot to stretch his wings. However, you should always buy the biggest cage possible for your space.  Keep the amount of toys that you will have in the cage in mind when deciding on a cage. You should make sure that the bars aren’t too far apart (¾ inch bar spacing should be safe).

Should I add any furnishings to the cage?

Your bird will be spending a lot of time in his cage, so make sure that there are plenty of toys to keep your pet occupied and entertained. Food hiding toys can help your pet feel like they are foraging for food. You can also leave a radio or tv on that features bird noises.

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