How to Celebrate a Stress-Free 4th of July Weekend

Are you ready to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend? As you start to prep for your celebrations with friends and family, don’t forget about your feathered friends!  Here are a few tips for a stress-free, bird friendly celebration.

Stress-Free Fourth of July Tips:

  • Move Your Pet Away From the Windows - Loud noises and flashing lights can startle and scare your pet. Move the cage away from any windows during the fireworks display.

  • Cover the Cage - Covering your bird’s cage with a blanket can help your bird hide away from the bight firework lights.

  • Play Calming Music - Does your bird enjoy listening to soothing music? Try playing their favorite calming tunes to drown out the loud noises of the fireworks.

  • Keep BBQ Foods Out-of-Reach - While certain foods are ok for your bird to eat, many BBQ foods are not. Be mindful of what foods are in reach of your feathered friend, especially if they will be out of the cage at all during your celebration.

  • Keep Your Pet Indoors - Keep your pet indoors on the Fourth of July. The loud noises can scare your bird.

Remember, the Fourth of July holiday can be stressful for your birds.  Keep your pet in mind and remember that they may become irritable and short-tempered. If you have any questions about how to care for your bird this weekend, visit our Mineola store. We have all the pet supplies you need to keep your bird happy and healthy.

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